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Tivetshall, a small village in rural Norfolk, lives in the twentieth century: this is not by choice. Despite having committed no crime, having, in fact, not come to the notice of the authorities at all, it has been sent there with no possibility of release.

The Government, physically and temporally far away, in a twenty‑first century metropolis called London, know nothing of Tivetshall. Norfolk County Council, who do know, but don’t care, have conspired with BT Openreach to make it as difficult as possible to move forward. They say improvements are coming but the only thing that seems to happen is that dates get pushed further and further back.

BBfN (Norfolk County Council’s “Better Broadband for Norfolk” programme) say they are aiming to meet the government target – for a bare minimum of just 10 Mbps (Mega‑bits per second) broadband speeds for all – but they are not guaranteeing even that, and certainly aren’t putting any dates on it.

Enough is enough! BBfN isn’t delivering the goods, Norfolk County Council isn’t delivering the goods, and the Government isn’t delivering the goods. If we want it we must do it ourselves. The fledgling Tivetshall Broadband Action Group has joined forces with B4RNorfolk (Broadband for Rural Norfolk), to install a fibre network in, you can probably guess, rural Norfolk.

B4RNorfolk were inspired by, but are independent of, B4RN (Broadband for the Rural North) in Lancashire. B4RN have shown that it can be done, and are now generous with their time and experience, helping community groups all over the country get off the ground, as it were. I, myself, have spent a day with them and found them very helpful.

B4RN provide their communities with so‑called gigabit speeds, and B4RNorfolk intends to do the same: that means 1000 Mbps for everyone. BBfN and BT are using a large amount of government money, your money, and even should they ever deliver, are offering a fraction of that speed, and that only to a box somewhere in Tivetshall, from where broadband will be relayed over the aging copper and aluminium network that is already struggling to provide even a decent analogue telephone service. B4RNorfolk will install optical fibre right to the premises for anybody who wants it.

This is not a proper web site, the domain only really being used as an e‑mail server, and this page is just for informaton. I have shamelessly ‘borrowed’ the background picture, and the logo, from B4RNorfolk’s web site, which you are urged to visit. If facebook is more your thing them follow them on facebook


If unsure what to do next, or have any questions, then e‑mail the optimistically‑named Broadband@Tivetshall.org.uk